LINA Business Incubator

Your Opinion Matters!

The Native American community  is considering creation of a small business incubator on Long Island. This business incubator would help Native American small businesses (including start ups and existing firms) be more successful. It could include a building that houses 10-20 small and start up businesses that share things like a photocopier, receptionist, and conference room. It also would give Native American entrepreneurs and small businesses ready access to business assistance, through on-site workshops and one-on-one help.

The incubator would be open to small businesses owned by Native Americans, as well as those that are joint ventures or jointly owned by multiple persons including Native Americans. The incubator likely would be “mixed-use,” meaning it would assist existing small and start up businesses in a variety of industries and markets. It might also house industry-specific equipment and facilities, depending on Native American entrepreneurs’ interest.

To help us decide if a Native American business incubator makes sense for the Long Island area, we are asking for your opinion. Therefore, please take a few moments to complete this survey to share your thoughts with us. Your comments will be kept confidential, and shared only within the local work group leading this project and its consultant. 

When you are finished, just hit the "Submit" button on the last page to send your responses to us automatically.

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