Howard F.S. Treadwell Accepted to Linguistics PhD Program

"We are proud to announce that Howard F.S. Treadwell, son of Veronica Treadwell as recently accepted as a candidate for the [Linguistics] PHD program at Stony Brook University.  Howard also received the prestigous Turner Fellowship award.  As a PHD candidate, Howard will be studying Unkechaug/Algonquian Language revitalization and will help to develop a core curriculum for studying Unkechaug and Algonquian languages on all levels: primary, secondary and advanced.  Howard previously received a BA in Linguistics from Stony Brook University and an advance degree from the Language Revitalization Program at Arizona State University.  We wish him great success in this fantastic endeavor."

- Ayasunuqak (Chief Harry Wallace of the Unkechaug Nation)